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Chefchaouen Attractions

Being in the heart of the city of Chefchaouen, Morocco is near many of the important attractions of the city.

The Medina - A whole district and section of the city this is really the "old city" and where you can turn a corner and find yourself in the world of 1500! Traditional Moroccan architecture is blended with a Spanish influence on the tile work and of course the famed blue walls which are a tribute to our Jewish heritage as well.

Grand Mosque - With it's unusual octagonal tower this 15th century building is closed to non worshipers but offers grand views from the outside for visitors as well.

The Kasbah  - Now restored as the Mus�e de Chefchaouen, it was opened in its present state in 1985 and holds several galleries that explain the history of the city.

Ruins of the Spanish Mosque - So called because it was funded by donations from Spain this hillside mosque is now a ruin that can be visited by walking uphill for about one hour out of the Western gate of Bab el-Ain.